Up North is dark, cold and miserable. It is a dystopian land filled with dead animals and plants. All of this due to The Authority that stretches around Dublin.

Lucan is the place where rebel prisoners are tortured and information is squeezed out of them. I, myself, am one of those prisoners.

On one of the most thunderous nights, i was called to the torture chamber. All I could see were piles of dead bodies and tools that do unspeakable things to men, women and children.

Suddenly a blast of bricks and cement erupted to my right. It was the Rebels, coming to save the prisoners from spilling information too valuable to give over. They screamed at me to dive for cover but I could barely hear them over the deafening sound of the storm outside. Next thing I knew I was being hauled out of the newly-made hole in the wall by a Rebel.

Everything seemed blurry and my head was spinning. I was fatigued from being starved for weeks on end. With bullets whizzing past me, I counted eight rebel soldiers all dressed in black, to blend in with the North’s dark gloomy scenery. It must be how they slipped past the watchtowers.

After passing through the hole in the wall, along with being immediately saturated from rain and frozen from crispy winds, I also felt a sense of hope and freedom. For weeks I thought I was going to die in that prison and be thrown into the pile of dead prisoners who all have died in painful ways inthe hands of The Authority.

Things seemed to be looking good from there on. We breezed past the dormitories and out towards the broken fence where they must have come in from. This is around the time where everything went to shit.

Authority guards came from every angle and started picking off Rebels and prisoners. Authority guards begin to come from every angle and start to pick off Rebels and prisoners. We start to crumble as a resistance, and simply just try to stay alive.  I begin to breakdown as here I realise I will never see my family again or even outside these walls.

The Rebels, fighting with tremendous passion and pride weren’t showing any signs of giving up.

Hope was strong until a death machine rose from the main building. It was a chopper armed to the teeth, unlike anything anyone has seen before. It ripped through our army until it forced us to flee for our lives. Seeing Rebels drop to the dirt one by one, I scattered for an exit.

It was a failure. These Rebels that were sent in were massacred. Memories of home flashed before my eyes which gave me the urge and drive to make it out alive.

I used all my skills and training to slip by without joining the rest of the fallen Rebels.

I picked up a knife off the blackened ground, sneaking up on a guard and stabbing him in the side of the neck.

Here is my window, my one and only shot at finally having freedom.

Hurdling barricades and gates, I finally reached the 10 metre high outer fence. I begin my climb, trying to stay unnoticed. I realised I was the only survivor. I could see The Authority guards counting bodies and looting from the dead.

I reached the top and could taste the fresh air, uncontaminated with the contamination on the ground.

I descended and thought of how close I was to reaching my family.

I hit the ground running and didn’t stop until it got bright.

I swore to myself I’d come back one day and avenge the mass amount who have fallen trying to rescue me.