I am spying on The Authority. The Authority think that I am working for them but, in reality, I am spying on them and giving out the information to the rebels at the same time.

I sit and participate in the meeting in front of The Authority. I take down very important notes and things that are said during these meetings. After the meeting I travel down the M50 with the information and tactics I have taken and give it to the Rebels.

I am always on the go. I love up near Liffey Valley, but everyday I go down to The Authority base to collect information and tactics to give to the rebels. I travel up and down the M50 to get to where I need to go.

I fear that I will get caught by The Authority. As I know if I do happen to get caught, I will end up dead. That’s why I don’t give my name or address to anyone so that if The Authority does find out that someone has been passing on information to the rebels, they won’t know who it is.

I am spying on The Authority as I am being paid by a member of the rebels to do so. I need the money as I am in desperate need to buy food for my family.

My family and I live in a rented apartment near Liffey Valley. It’s just me, my Mam and my Dad. my Mam and Dad are unemployed and I’m the only one able to get money. Our money is running low so I am doing everything in my power to help my family.

Suddenly I get a knock on my door at 2am. It’s The Authority. They have found out that I have been spying on them. They force me out of my house and take me in a van. I am in the back of a van with about 20 armed soldiers.  These soldiers are big, scary-looking men. They were looking at me as if they wanted to kill me. I was scared for my life. They hand me a gun and tell me to fight the rebels or else I will die.

They take me to the Square where the shooting is happening. We all get out and get behind cover. I got this sick feeling in my stomach. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to fight.

I try to blend in with the other soldiers and shoot at the rebels. Instead, I wasn’t shooting my gun. I didn’t want to injure or kill someone else. I felt myself getting dizzy and suddenly I fainted.

I wake up feeling puzzled and confused. I am in the middle of the Square car park where I had just fainted. They must have thought I had died. I picked up my gun and looked around. I don’t see anyone, except for multiple dead bodies. As I’m walking, I stumble across the body of who I was giving information from The Authority to.  This filled me with pure anger. I have never felt this way before. I wanted revenge. I pick up his gun and start running around the Square. I spot two members of The Authority. I waited for the perfect moment and I pulled the trigger. I sprayed the bullets at them and they fell to the ground.

I spotted another soldier. I ran up behind and shot up five times. I was filled with anger. I hopped in the van and drove back to my apartment. I needed to check on my family. When I arrived I started inside the house. The first thing I see are my two parents. They are lying on the ground, dead. I couldn’t take it. My head was about to explode. I turned the gun on myself, and ended it all.