It wasn’t a normal day in Tallaght. Today, there was no killing today. People on the street were surprised. But that wasn’t true. In secret, 100 government officials were killed helping the South Dublin Resistance.

Meanwhile, in the Tallaght office, the Prince wants to end the resistance.

“GOSH DARN RESISTANCE! KILL THEM ALL!”  the Prince ordered the Minister for Defence.

“Yes, your royal highness” he replied.

And suddenly, every active backup troops were ready in Tallaght, Saggart, Clondalkin and in the Dublin Mountains. The Army divisions poured out from the barracks. Commanders read out briefings to obliterate the Resistance. The stage was set for war.

Also, new laws were passed. Nobody could come in or leave. Barricades and border walls were set up, checkpoints closed and heavily patrolled by the South Dublin Royal Border Patrol Division (SDRBPD)

Everyone was trapped in the South Dublin principality.

The stage was set for a genocide. The South Dublin Royal Army ruthlessly killed anyone whoever spoke about the Resistance and many more sent to prison. The Resistance was infuriated and started attacking civilians loyal to the principality. The South Dublin Principality was infuriated at the Resistance. The main army was in tallaght, so they started surrounding and advancing towards all sides until, after one month of no food and water, the Resistance finally surrendered. Any person affiliated with the Resistance was sent to rot in a maximum security prison without any basic human needs until they all died. Any person who was still alive after one month was shot dead in their cells without warning.

Some people from the Resistance are still in hiding in the Dublin Mountain, according to the Minister of Defence. So, anyone in the Dublin Mountains was shot dead, because they didn’t know who was who. They even killed children. A revolution was halted. At least, for another ten years.