I am at the railway line. This was the first place that sprang to mind when I thought of the quickest escape.


I made sure all my family and friends were with me. Although none of us are particularly safe right now, I feel some sort of safety knowing that the ones I love most are with me in this moment of time.


The railway station is packed with people. Families of young and old holding all their belongings they could manage as they stand in fear awaiting the next train.


An announcement echoes the section. It is a red warning that a fire breathing dragon is in a close radius of the building. There is one last train approaching. A decision has to be made. Do I take this train or do I stay and fight this dragon and let my family escape to a safer place?


As the rain pulls up opposite the crowd I take a step back before finalizing my decision. My mam approached me with a look of frustration on her face.


“Come up here now. What are you doing? This is the last train, we need to make this or we’re going to be trapped!”


I shrugged my shoulders as I tell her i am unsure what to do.


“Yous go ahead. I’ve been given the power of healing so I need to use that to help others before myself.”


“Ellie. Please listen to me. You need to come on this train with us. If you don’t, God only knows what the consequences will be. Please”


I do what I must. A stand and fight.