It’s been three days since I first started gathering people and bringing them up to the Hellfire Club. the reason why I’m going there is because the authorities have taken over all of Dublin with their Capital up beside Liffey Valley they have everyone trapped.


My visions are getting stronger with the rebellion that the resistance are planning. So I’m sneaking people up that could be in danger, through a double agent who works in the transportation for the authorities but is in fact on the side of the resistance.


Alongside me up on the Hellfire Club are four guards, 2 for on the hill and two for outside the house at the top. Everyone is safe and we are stocked up on food but I don’t know how long this will last.


It’s day seven up here and we have gotten news from the leader of the resistance in Saggart that during the night there was a breech in the authorities capital and their information and plans have been stolen which means we are a step ahead and we know their resources and their next move. Tomorrow the resistance will go to Liffey Valley armed and in tanks to take down the authorities and give back the freedom that the people of South Dublin deserve.




It’s a month today since the resistance took down Liffey Valley and won back the freedom of Dublin. There is a memorial being held today for those who died in anyway, whether they were from the authorities or the resistance because people are people whether they were good or bad.


In the midst of everything happening I got distracted and put off a vision of a safe place being seized and set on fire. Someone had told the authorities where we had been hiding and while I was trying to gather more people to bring to safety they marched up the Hellfire Club and lit the house on fire. Nine people made it out alive and is something that will live with me forever.


Nobody will ever forget what happened in Dublin at this time, it has made us stronger than ever because the people are the power.