Oh God! Last night I heard gunshots at the Great Thouroughfare so I prepared my stuff. I sharpened my weapons and had an escape bag ready in case  I changed my mind and if things got really bad. But how and when are the orcs going to invade? Later that night I heard shouting. I jumped up out of my bed, peeked out the window and in the distance I  saw the Orcs. I woke everyone up. I guarded them at the back door and said “Get your bags and go warn the Square!” but I did not go myself. I stayed to delay the Orcs.


I had made a trap just in case the orcs would attack my home. I got all the essentials to make  a homemade bomb. The bomb was connected to the door, so if the door was opened fully the bomb would explode.  Suddenly the explosion happened, I thought they were gone but the Head Orc came back with more soldiers.


I’m guessing you’re all wondering how I survived but I had already left my house. I was halfway to the Square when I heard the explosion. I found my family and said “it won’t give us much time so we need to keep going.”

I gathered anyone who was in the square and said “come with me if you want to be safe,” so they did .

We made our way up the mountain to the top of the mountain. We met Alex the King and Megan the Knight who were already on their way down the mountain to see if we were all right. Alex said “go to my home at the top and don’t open the door till I tell you to.”

I felt scared but we saw a lot of smoke from the bottom of the mountain.


A while had gone by. We could hear shouting, slamming but all of a sudden it went quiet.  We were all hiding in a room then the door opened. I opened the door to see Megan the Knight and Alex the King safe and to know the war was over and we could all get back to our normal lives and rebuild our homes  I knew the war was won. We were safe and Alex said we could stay there until our new homes were done.