Tallaght, 173 ANE, The First Day of the Attack. 


A peaceful morning in Tallaght. Far away from the war, “Glynn! Don’t come back late.” Said from the woman. “Okay mom.” Glynn replied. Glynn grabs his money and dashed out of the door. On his way to Gwyn’s house he heard crying, “Billy!” Glynn screamed. He saw a boy getting picked by a group of arseholes. Glynn charged at them, (Pough!) Glynn was on the ground, “Oh well if it isn’t Glynn.” Said by one of the bullies. Glynn tries to get up but then push, he is back on the ground. “Lay off Richard.” A mysterious person told him, Richard was in shock. “Gww…ynn” Richard stuttered. The bullied then ran. “Glynn.” Gwynn said trying to help. “I don’t need your help I can get up on my own.” Glynn told Gwyn, Billy got up. “Thanks guys” Billy said. “So have you heard the news?” Billy asked. “What news?” Glynn and Gwyn replied. “About the authority, I heard they just retreated from Rathcoole.” Billy answered. “Woah, thank God, that’s great!” Gwyn responded with relief, “I can finally see father again.” Glynn said to himself, thinking about his father. Billy froze in fear, Glynn and Gwyn were confused, everyone around them looked up in the sky. Glynn turned and looked up. “It’s.. It’s the Authority ship.” One of the civilians said, trembled in fear.

The three kids froze, trembled in fear, too afraid to scream, speak, or run, everyone just stared. Sirens were of the ship launches out a blaster.. “BOOM!” Glynn woke up all he sees is smoke, and darkness. He hears gunfire everywhere, “Boom!” another explosion. He turned and saw Gwyn, “Glynn!” Gwyn said in relief. “I thought I lost you.” Gwyn told Glynn. She started crying with tears of joy and hugged Glynn. “How long was I out, and where’s Billy?” Glynn asked. “Billy was unconscious, he was taken by the med soldiers,” Glynn then froze, he just realised something. “Mom.” Glynn said to himself. One of the defence trucks came to evacuate the citizens, “Kid get in the truck.” One of the soldiers shout. Gunfire noises and explosions continues. Gwyne came into the truck. “Glynn, are you coming?” Gwyn asked. “I have to get my mom.” Glynn said, then ran. “Hey kid, kid where are you going?” the soldiers asked.

Glynn ran where he believes his house is, despite all of the structures already destroyed. “Mom, mom” Glynn called, calling for his mother. “Glynn, Glynn” A cry from his mother’s voice. “Mom.” Glynn cried, looking for his mother, but he sees nothing but destroyed buildings. “Glynn I am right here” Glynn’s mother shouted for help. Glynn followed her voice “Mom,” Glynn cried looking for his mother, He heard her voice underneath the rubble. Glynn froze in shock. “Mom!” Glynn screamed in fear. He sees his mother stuck underneath the rubbles, he then started to pull his mother out “Arggghhh” Glynn struggled to pull his mother. “Glynn” Glynn’s mother cried out. “It’s okay mother I’ll rescue you.” Glynn reassured his mother. “Who’s there.” The mysterious voice asked. Glynn then started to lift the rubble on top of his mother. “Argh!” Glynn cried out, he kept struggling. “Who’s there.” The mysterious voice asked again, as it was getting louder Glynn and his mother heard footsteps. It’s not one person, it was a group. A glimpse of the people appeared. They were soldiers, the don’t look like the rebels. They were holding blasters, with their black and red uniform. “No!” Glynn’s mother said to herself in fear. It’s the Authority troops. “Glynn, you have to go now.” Glynn’s mother told Glynn. “I’m not leaving you mother.” “Go! You have to go now.” Glynn’s mother shouted at him. “No mother, I’m not leaving you, not how dad left us.” Glynn replied.

The soldiers are coming closer. “You have to go now, if you don’t we both die, go and meet Gwyn and Billy on your way out.” Glynn cried and hugged his mother. “Goodbye mom.” Glynn said to his mother in sadness. “Glynn, it will be okay.” Glynn’s mother reassured him. Glynn ran out of the house with ears, avoiding the Authority. He heard gunshots soon after. Glynn cried even more, heartbroken. Afterwards Glynn sees a jeep, it was the rebel jeep, “Here!” Glynn called for help. Glynn was soon rescued. Glynn eventually evacuated Tallaght. One day later Tallaght was nuked. Glynn was worried about Gwyn and Billy. Later in the evacuee camp in Clondalkin, Glynn sees his friends Gwyn and Billy. “Gwyn! Billy!” Glyn calls them with joy, reunited with his friends. “Glynn!” Gwyn and Billy said in joy, after seeing their friend alive. They come together reunited.

Moments later, Glynn thought to himself; ‘I will join the rebels. Glynn was thinking about his mother. “Glynn that’s suicide,” Billy replied as he looked worried. “I will avenge my mother, I’ll reunite with my father, I’ll join the rebels, I’ll stop the Authority, slaughter the soldiers one by one, for our homeland.” Glynn said with rage, “I’ll kill them all!” He continued.