I was walking down the stairs and I heard a knock. I went to the door quietly and carefully. I saw a little girl crying, she looked like she was shaking with fear. I answered the door and said “Hi, can I help you?” She answered “Can I stay here?” She was still crying. I asked her where her Mam and dad were, she told me they were in heaven. I took her hand and asked “What’s this little guys name?” She answered, “his name is Teddy, and he’s mine” and snatched him.

I took her other hand and we started walking to the hospital. I was taking her to the hospital to see if she was alright as she had bruises all over her face and legs. She also looked very malnourished. I asked her what age she was, she said “I am five years old”.

We were five minutes away from the hospital and a lady in her late forties came along and claimed she was the child’s mother. She started screaming at me and crying that she wanted her child back.

I turned to the child who was now crying and shaking in distress and fear. My hand was clenched. I asked her “Is this your Mam?”

The child answered “No, my Mammy’s an angel, not a zombie.”

The woman looked at me and I could see that she was the child’s Mam but she had died and turned into a zombie.  The woman was pulling at the child abruptly. Every time I pulled the child away the woman got more and more angry. The child started hysterically crying, screaming for help. The mother’s mouth started drooling and i knew we were in trouble. I started rummaging in my bag for my weapon to kill the zombie. The little girl was pulling at my arm, crying for help. The woman pulled the child and the child’s teddy flew across the Luas tracks. But the Luas was coming.

As this was happening, the zombie Mam was getting bigger and bigger, so I decided to hijack the Luas. I thought that was the only option. I grabbed the teddy, I punched the Luas driver and he fell, so I moved his body and the little girl sat on the seat beside me. The woman stumbled on to the Luas tracks, then, it was my time. I ran into the zombie and killed her, but after that the Luas stopped working and I was trapped in the Luas with a little malnourished child, and an unconscious Luas driver.

Suddenly I heard noises coming from the people on the Luas. I could hear loud screaming noises and mumbling. I could see through the little window that the Luas was full of zombies.