I was in the local market about to do the daily shopping, dragging my little sister by the hand talking to her but as always she didn’t speak a word – there was no surprise there.

When I heard people saying that Orcs are on the way to kill us, I started to panic a bit because I had my younger sister with me. I saw people that have younger kids with them and I saw a lot of elderly people start to panic over the Orcs, I tried to get them all into safety. When I saw jesters run towards us, I had to try and get everyone to move as I didn’t know if it was Orcs dressed as jesters or not.

I have such a bad temper so I just lost the head over all this because people were taking their time to move from one place to another and I just wanted everyone to be safe before I was.


As we were moving I lost my younger sister. I searched for what felt like ages  pushing through the stampeding people. but couldn’t find her. I stood up on an old statue and screamed at the top of my voice,

“We are leaving the market! We’re going to Saggart! This is the plan to get out of the market. To find more safety up there.”


They all listened and followed me. I was leading them up to Saggart there was so many people shouting and crying because of everything. They were afraid they’re going to lose everyone and everything.


Just as we got there, it looked peaceful, it didn’t look like there was anyone up there. As we went to walk some more, out of nowhere a group of jesters jumped out from behind a wall. They were holding three big boxes. As they opened the boxes, millions of spiders crawled out and came towards us. As we all stood there screaming, my beautiful  little sister just pushed past us and screamed, the scream was the loudest and most vibrant I’d ever heard. It held great power. As she screamed all the spiders crawled back into the boxes and the orcs closed the boxes and went running. There was no sign of orcs for days.

Then one night as we were asleep. I woke up to a big bang as orcs were breaking in. I woke my little sister up and we moved slowly towards the broken window.


As me and my sister got out of the window the orcs got into the place where we were staying but me and my sister got out safe. We hid till morning in a field and as the sun rose we made our way home.


Me and my little sister made it home safe. The fighting just stopped when we got home. My family were all dead so before my little sister came into the house I had to put the dead bodies in a room and lock the door so she wouldn’t go in. I had to look after my younger sister at the age of 15.