It was a big day for us, Michael had a big decision to make. Would he betray Ben, Lee and Evan, or would he help and get the supplies they needed?  Ben and Michael led the group but Lee and Evan did most of the work. Michael was going to take care of the people at the military base. Then he would sneak in and get guns for the other men. We would then try and take out the new man, Raga.  We were taking him out because he would spread the news and he had also found a few motorbikes that we could rob. We would then go to the exit of our hideout, where we had some laptops to contact Russia.

The day came and the gang set out towards the military base. It took nearly an hour to get there. When we arrived there were zombies waiting for us. Evan told Lee and Ben to run to the storage place and get the weapons. A few minutes later they had the guns. Unfortunately the two guys camping there got in the way. Ben quickly killed or wounded both guys and ran. The extra wait caused us to slow down on the way back. By then more zombies were there. Lee killed all of them and handed Michael a gun. Ben gave one to Lee. Luckily for the gang, Raga was right there and they killed him.

When we were going back we were ambushed by a gang of other men. Sadly Lee lost his life trying to save the others. The other three managed to escape but were met by a group of zombies that Evan recognised as his family. He didn’t know what to do and by the time he had decided he was dead.

I watched Evan as he decided what to do, I wondered if he would decide in time. Then he looked at us and the zombies but it was too late and he had been gobbled up by what used to be his family.

The last two got back safely and rang Russia.

We saw the president of Russia, Dara, calmly sipping his wine as his private jet landed on the grass. When the doors opened he looked at the two of us, and jokingly said “how can we fit all of you in here?”