Drowning in the toxic green liquid I awoke.  The drops burned like the nettles that stung me when I was a child. The colour reminded me of the green grass I ran through, the daisy chains I made, and my favourite hideout. Down by the Hell Fire Club stood the most elegant cherry blossom tree. How I long for that shelter now.


I emerged from the depths of the acid sea after what felt like hours of paralysed floating. I was held down by a thick bronze gate. As I panicked, screaming for air, a force removed my barrier and jungle vines pulled me to land. My hair lit up in the slimy water and grew ten feet. I was blinded by the sour pain from the liquid but as I got to land, I rubbed my red eyes. My newborn skin appeared pink and raw as the fleshy excess the butcher cut off the last piece of pork that was left in this poisonous world.


My memory was hazy and numbness swarmed my healing body. I crawled backwards away from the water. Licking my wounds, I looked up. I had never been here before. The stench was unbearable, but through it I realised I was in the sewers. I ran. I heard the rumours – people disappear down there. I fell over stumbling, limping through the pain.


I stopped to take a breath and in paic to check where I was going. Up! I needed to go up. I looked back. I was leaving a prominent trail and as I checked my shoes and removed them, a bed of daisies marked my wake.  Astounded, I forgot about how the demons that lurk in the underground were coming.


I hadn’t seen anything that grew in years. I watched the flowers dig their roots and crawl along the side of the sewer pipes.  Before I knew it I was once again surrounded by green. I felt an urge inside of me and without control I looked up and it began to rain inside this old, wailing tunnel of waste.  At first, I jumped, dodging the raindrops, used to their burn but something inside me, my gut perhaps encouraged me to lean back and taste the water.