The zombies have hit again. Currently I’m at Liffey valley gathering all the food and supplies, heading to a different location. Every place is filled with disturbing looking zombies. So far I found a gun in some crack gaff. Long story but anyway it’s the only weapon that makes a lot of noise. I don’t know where everyone is.


24 hours before this happened I was going down to Liffey valley just to hang out. Chaos hasn’t happened yet. Everything was normal. Now everything is upside down. I have orange spray cans –I spray large x’s on the walls. So if anyone knew me, they would know I was here. Besides I never shut up about the colour so they would know its me. So far I don’t know what started this. But now I need to look for a radio. And also find more people. Everyone disappeared – all gone.


I was walking past my old house where I used to live. So many memories. Finally after hours I find a truck that works and go somewhere – anywhere. The government and military haven’t been much help. I don’t trust them at all. Still no signal and still an empty road. These “zombies” are weird. They only come out at night, they don’t like the sunlight. It’s like they’re vampires. When I was in Liffey valley I stayed overnight. I was on the roof with some other people and we saw how they act. It was weird. Like they were just walking, no emotion, just walking.


So far I have enough gas. Maybe for another day. Remember when I said I didn’t trust the government and military? I was right, it was a setup. Let me start from the beginning. There is currently 7 point something people in the world and in 2020 there would be over eight billion people. The government created an injection to kill people. Telling us we need it and all, like a vaccine thing. They want to get rid of people. No all, but the majority of us.


I’m currently camping out on a tree. Giving you Hunger Game vibes. To be honest I was, but wasn’t expecting this. Like out of all things they could have done, they do this.  They had better have a cure. The air is still and I haven’t seen or heard any birds. The sun rising up makes things a little better. I’m alone on a tree. Story of my life. Thank god for all those zombie movies. I learnt a thing or two. So far, canned food is life right now. No more McDonalds, or Dominos or anything. Sad, isn’t it? I found a bottle of vodka. Perfect time to enjoy a drink. Perfect sunrise and maybe my last drink. I think that explains it.