Me and my family live in South Dublin and there had been very scary and strange things happening. People who speak bad about the Authority disappear. Just into thin air, not taken away or anything.


They just vanish. I don’t mind because I live a bit away from where it is all happening, so me and my family are safe… for now. My friend Sara, her family have disappeared. So she’s come up from the mountains to stay with us. I don’t know where her family are but we will find them.


We have decided to start looking tomorrow night We’ll go back down to the mountains where she’s from and get some weapons. We’ll dress in all black, and hope to god no one sees us. So here we are on our way down. No one has seen us…yet. It’s silent and no fires are lit, its just silent.


We walk down a little further until we hear crying, a small girl sitting under a half burnt tree, with blood on her hands. We run over and ask why she’s crying. She says nothing but points to a pile of what we think is clothes. But it’s not clothes, its a man and he’s all bloody and not breathing.


The little girl whispers under her breath “That’s my dad” We decide to take her with us. We reach the mountains and we hear chantings we peek around we see the leader…the one and only the actual leader himself.


We look around and the little girl is gone. We look up and see her behind the leaders chair, she has a gun. We hear a bang. He’s dead. He’s actually dead. The little girl shouts something. “You killed my dada!”


It was all over. We were finally free.