I was standing in front of the mirror fixing my hair and I saw a strange figure standing behind me. I turned around to see what it was but it was gone, I turned back around to look in the mirror and it was in the mirror. Before I had a chance to run it grabbed me. 

All of a sudden I was in a whole different world. Everything destroyed, trees falling on cars, houses boarded up, glass smashed everywhere and blood on the road. I was shaking with fear not knowing where I was or why I was brought here. I heard shuffling in the bushes. I picked up a branch of the ground and went over to see what it was. As I was getting closer and closer I trembled in fear of what I was going to find. I walked around the bush and I saw a girl sitting behind it. I took a sigh of relief. 

“What’s your name” I asked “My name is Casey“ she answered. “What has happened and why am I here” I questioned. “A virus from 5G was making everyone turn into zombies and we need your help to stop it” said Casey. “But why would you need my help? I don’t know anything about fighting zombies”. “You have the power to help us”. “No I don’t, why would I have powers”. “We need to start the quest to stop the zombies and get the cure to stop them. It is in the square, we need to get the cure and put it on top of the spire”. “Ok I’ll do it, let’s go”. 

We started our journey. It was easy at first but then it started to get hard when we went to come towards the hospital. “Ok we need to sneak under all the barriers so we don’t get caught by the zombies”. said Casey. “Right then let’s go”. We crawled under the barriers and when we got to the last one we seen two zombies at the exit. I panicked as I did not want to get caught. We had to think of another way to get out then we noticed a hole in the wood so we crawled over and climbed out. We ran and didn’t look back. We ran all the way to the square without looking back. 

We got to the square and climbed through a smashed door. We stepped onto the square and went straight to McDonalds as that is where the cure is. We ran and as we reached Mc Donald’s we saw poisonous snakes guarding the cure. I didn’t want to go on any more, I wanted to turn back. Snakes are my biggest fear. But I knew all the people depending on me and I couldn’t let them down so I continued to go. We had to get rid of the snakes. When me and Casey were thinking of what to do. I saw two swords on the floor, grabbed them and we stabbed all the snakes. We grabbed the cure, ran to the spire and stuck it on. Right before our eyes the zombies disappeared and the sun came out and everything looked much brighter. We did it. We finished the quest.