I’m strolling around Liffey Valley in anticipation to get nice warm cosy clothes as it is rumoured there is an ice age coming to Dublin. Already the winds are deadly and red weather warnings have been issued for weeks.


I go straight to Berska to get some cheap and cheerful clothes. I am standing in line to buy my outfits, hoping I will survive the journey home. I check my phone for the time, 18:00. Also, a text from my mam to get some milk. Suddenly I feel like I’m in Morocco, the temperature has risen.


Lovely. The pay point is in flames. The shop covered in a bright green glowing slime. Everyone is running in horror. I sprint out of the shop and I slip and slide all the way in to Boots pharmacy. The whole ground is covered in black ice.


This mystery monster has destroyed the shopping centre leaving countless corpses on the ground. Everyone is in shock, texting family members their final goodbye. I know who this beast is. It’s called Sleth. A slimy dragon that brings death to wherever it appears.


My first thoughts are to survive. But I remind myself I have survived this before, I can bring an end to this. I remember how it began. A curse my ancestor put on this city. The man who gave one the power to a never-ending life.


The only way this can end is the old chalice in the Hellfire Club. Quickly I get out of the crumbling Liffey Valley and make my way straight to the train station. Everything is destroyed, thousands of lives gone. People dropping every second. I look through the railway car park hoping to see a body beside a nearby working car.


I find a mans jacket beside a micra in okay condition. I empty all his pockets hoping to find the keys. With luck I remember the clip in my hair, so I start my journey to the Hellfire Club. I drive through lifeless streets and burnt down buildings.


I finally reach Stocking Lane, but there is a sinkhole right in my tracks. The dragon is running towards me. And a genius thought comes to my head. I jump on his back and he begins to soar in the sky. I spot the dilapidated old Hellfire Club and bounce off the dragons back. I dig and dig for the chalice and start the old celtic spell. The sky becomes pitch black and thousands of dragons fly into the sky, bigger and more deadly than before.