For the last 7 years of my life, I have been working with a group of very skilled people called the Mages. Each of us has a special power. My power is to go back in time. I had the option to choose my power when I came in to this world, and I do not regret my decision. I have a plan, a very ambitious plan but a plan all the same.


The mages have been working on finding out the cure for cancer for longer than I remember. My plan is, that once we have discovered it I can go back in time to when my father was alive and save him from the disease.  This will then mean I can go back to the world I cam from using a portal, and live a happy life which includes my family, my boyfriend and most importantly my father who will be free from cancer. I need to get out of this place that I like to call hell.


For about a year now, I have been feeling like the Mages are hiding something from me and I needed to find out what that was before I could trust them. I know I shouldn’t have and its against the law or whatever but only two days ago I found myself breaking into Grange Castle where the Mages hide their most precious works. You won’t believe what I found. It took a lot of ropes, climbing and encrypting codes but finally I found myself in a huge room in the castle where I found just what I needed.


There were drawers and drawers full of files labelled alphabetically A-Z. I found the “C”s and flicked through them until I found a huge file labelled “Cure for Cancer”. At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe it was just their future plans, but it was far from that. When I opened the file, there in front of me was a chemical formula for a medicine to cure cancer. I stood there looking at the bold black font in shock. I was soon snapped back into reality by the sound of sirens which seemed to be coming closer and closer to me…