How is this happening? They’re here. She’s going to disappear as well. I watched the sleek red and black van from my hiding spot. My temporary safe house. I watched the Authority take my sister, my only family I have left, and did nothing about it.


She screamed and struggled against them. She screamed for them to stop, that she never said anything and she screamed for me. They have taken everything away from me, my home, my family, my life. I closed my eyes to make it go away, her screams, ones that I knew would also haunt my nightmares like the rest of my family.


She’s gone. All that was left of her was the blood that I’m so used to seeing once their bodies disappear. The sleek red and black van now pulled away so I ran. They would come soon to scout the area for anyone of the Resistance.


The long grass slashed my legs as I ran quickly. The field looked peaceful and safe but it was not. The Authority was closing in and growing larger. The border, the place I have to go. The place I need to go. The place that’s safe. The Resistance is safe, I’m going to help find my family and destroy the Authority.


Now I’m escaping them, running away from this problematic society, my shoes are worn and my clothes are dirty. I’ve been on the run for months with my sister but she’s gone now and I need to pass the border.


The road ahead is getting clearer and the sound of the Authorities vehicles zooming past are getting louder. I know they are guarding the border but I’m not going to stop this time. This time I will get past. My body ached from running but I pressed on. The trees around the area covered me in their darkness like an invisibility cloak, protecting me so I could get through.


Rocks and branches scattered my skin in tiny cuts and bruises. The feeling of being watched crept around my system while I shivered at the touch of the cold wind. I ran faster when I heard sounds, even if they were in my head . The crunching of twigs and the scraping of the dry leaves on the rocks powered me to go quicker. I reached the edge of the road that was blocking me from the…