I was at work helping all the people that are sick and someone came in, he was very sick but we couldn’t find out what.


We hadn’t seen anything like it before then. All the doctors left the room. We were having a meeting to try to find out what the illness is. Then I heard a scream, so we ran to see what was happening.


I saw the man that only came in that morning attacking a nurse. So we locked most doors and tried to get people out but when we got to the exit there were lots of zombies so someone else had to get a knife or something, while I went to lock all the entrances.


I had to be careful though because I just remember that there was a zombie inside. Since we were in the hospital we made a plan to lock him in and try to take some blood because we wanted to know what he had.


We found him after another 10-15 minutes. I tried to take some blood but I didn’t tie him down properly so he attacked me and then he got the rest of the patients. I managed to help


There was one girl who was on her own. She got out, stole a bus and drove to the Square.


She saved most people. Packing them into the bus, old men and lost and desperate survivors of this zombie apocalypse.


She drove for miles. Away from the square and along the M50. Pushing broke down cars and hordes of zombies out of her way.


She looked at the fuel gauge, almost empty. There was no way to keep going. She drove off the road into the fields as the engine began to sputter. Screams erupted in the back of the bus, one of the old people had been bitten, everyone panicked, climbing over each other to escape.


The girl got out and ran.