I stepped onto the cold concrete with my worn-out, red snow boots. My husky keeping up with his slightly bruised foot. We had been sprinting for almost an hour and had spotted a familiar building. Skinny, fast monsters had been following us and my husky had bruised his foot trying to protect me. We could have escaped quicker if we had ventured over the cliff but my fears conquered me and so I risked the longer path. The building had been covered with mountains of snow but it was slightly recognisable from a distance. 

I had used up my rock power and was exhausted from all the running. My rock power can only be used for thirty minutes per day and I used up all the time eagerly trying to save my husky. I kicked open the barricaded door and stayed alert, just incase monsters had managed to get in the building. And I was correct. 

In the blink of an eye, a black figure leaped on me and held my head down with its huge hand. Another came out of a shop in the building as I was located near the Square. He kicked my husky into a deep dark hole but before he hit the bottom, he grabbed hold of a root and was shaking in fear. Out of intense fear, my rock magic was activated. Two boulders ripped out of the walls and launched themselves at the monsters. Blood splattered across my face and the walls but I didn’t care as my dog was about to fall! 

I dashed across the room with every bone in my body and tried to save my dog with my magic but it seems all good things must come to an end. My faithful husky fainted and let go. But just as he almost hit the bottom, the roof collapsed and he diminished out of sight. I became quiet and moved away. I wanted to avoid grieving and his death helped me grow up a bit.