We were one kilometre away from Liffey Valley exit. We needed supplies for the next day.

But the sun was setting and it was about time the zombies were coming out. We were late out, since we forgot to refuel our bikes. We left the petrol station. We were about to enter the exit to Liffey and we see Robert and his filthy gang.

We pulled towards them. We get off our bikes. Robert with all his gang and comes at us. I, with my right hand punch Robert in the face. Blood started coming from his nose. We all start having a scrap, James punching Nathan, Peter kicking Josh on the ground.

Robert comes behind me, and pushes me over. Suddenly the S.G.F.G.F (Stop Gangs Fight Government Force)  turns in and we all get up quickly and sketch. We ran to our bikes and motored off to the empty Liffey Valley shopping centre.

Robert and his gang have to run. I checked and no one was behind us. We turned into the shopping centre and drove in the taxi parking spaces. The shopping centre was dead. The plants had all died, blood all over the ground, windows smashed, dark in the shops. We go into Penneys and suddenly hear the zombies. We all freak out. James, Peter, Gary and Conor started panicking. Oisin and I told everyone to calm down. Me and Oisin are alike sometimes. We lift our bikes and tiptoed to the Men’s section. We then hear them coming towards us. Subsequently we sketched to the escalator. We ran the stairs since it wasn’t working. We then saw more zombies coming. I saw the staff room and saw the lock on it so I told everyone else to stay where they are. I went down the stairs. Some of the steps were rubble.

I saw directions to get out. Lucky me I had a lock as well. I took the key and locked it. I then ran to the entrance. I told Gary to lock the staff room.

We ran to our base, which was near the Sketchers shop. We had to walk some stairs. We got some goods and food and stuffed it into our bags and went outside.

We got on our bikes and went off.