I woke up ready for another day after the apocalypse, I couldn’t see much but when I used my torch I could see that everything was dead and burned. There was not many houses left, most of them were burned or smashed to pieces. There was no grass, flowers or crops everything was gone, leaving the house was a dangerous game because there was still gas from the phones people had smashed and if you inhale it you will infect you and will turn into a zombie


I get up and do my make up you might ask why but I have nothing else to do so why not put a face of make up on, I was half done my make up and a man appears in the mirror again like all way but he was holding a sign that said go to the round tower the cure is there. I listen to it and ran out of my house with haft face of makeup.


it’s empty I was walking through all the road looking at the burned school, shops and homes but no zombies. Pitch black like always there has been no sunlight for 19 years now, i was getting close to the round tower and ALL the zombies where there. I walked up to the doors because you had to go through some door to get to the tower but I could not get in, the Guards kept asking me if I had ever been rejected before and I have never been cause I’m too scared to ask someone anything, but to get in to the round tower I had to get rejected. I only hated asking for thing that then answer could be yes or no because last time I had a crush I told him cause al my mates gave me the go over to him and ask him out but he said no and the way he said it was his friends were giggling and he had a smile on his face he didn’t even feel bad for me and ever since that day I’m scared to ask anything or tell my crush I like him.


 I ran to some home that had people in them and ask could I come in for a while as I had no where to go, the problem was that they said yes and so did three other family. I then saw my crush who absolutely hated me he never said it but I knew he did , I went up to him and asked him out he said no cause he didn’t like me , I had been rejected. I said ok and walked away back up to the tower.


I was let in passed the doors all the zombies spotted me and started chasing me I legged it up to the top of the tower I saw this timer it had 30 seconds on it underneath it, it said then everyone will be a zombie forever, the cure was a laptop, i was think of what i had to do then I thought about a hack that could stop all of this so I was typing so fast because the timers was down at 10 second and I still had to send out a call to everyone, I did that and at the last second everything went back to normal and I saved the day. 


The clouds were open there was sunlight. The crops were growing again the grass and flowers were back. Everything was back to the way it was before bright and alive.


But when I went out side no one cheered for me, no one was there, no one knew I saved the day.