I am at the hospital in Clankland. The hospital provides protection and resources, which I intend to use. The dragons are appearing from a mystical land and winter is coming from the West. I am a chosen one. I was given my power to protect and help change the prophecy written for this land. Not only does my power let me teleport but I am oblivious to the loop of time, along with 11 other powerful women who want to regain normality.


Each day in this loop, the death toll will rise, civilians will be unaware that the deceased ever existed.


Day 1 in this recurrent loop, I try to work in solitude, not knowing this would make saving Clankland impossible. The dragons come from the portals and towards the hospital, I grab as many people as I can and teleport them to the railway, the fastest way to escape. I go back and forth, in desperation, trying to bring as many people. I failed, Death toll 71.


Day reset, I try multiple times, day after day but each day I fail. Death toll, 237.


Day 17 in this recurrent loop, I finally meet and team up with other chosen women. Working together at first but then conflict arises, each with different ways to restore normality. We spend too much time fighting. Failed again. Death toll 300. Repetition of the way we act occurs several times. Death toll 700.


Day 49. We get closer more dragons slayed but more lives taken. We agree the only way we will break this loop is if we all work together – all 12 of us, with our powers which we were given. We could overcome this. We realise we need to speed our actions as we failed yet again. Death toll 803.


Day 64, our mission was almost complete. We had 1000 lives off the land but 82 left. We failed. Death toll 885.


Day reset, number 81. We beat each dragon and closed the portals. But winter came fast. We were closer than ever before. But failed. Death toll 901.


Day 94. We realised that the contrast between fire-breathing dragons and an ice age were perfect, all we needed was to gain trust of these dragons. We tried we failed. Death toll 974.


Day 99. All had gone to plan. Dragons thawed the ice and people escaped all except one who had missed the train. Mission failed. Death toll 975.


Day 100, we worked tirelessly, quickly and without fail. Thawed the ice, killed the dragons and got all on the train, we escaped all as planned, our land would be restored and normality would return.