The zombie apocalypse has been going on for a week and I’ve been stuck in the Round Tower but today I’m going to go out and get the supplies I need and help others.

I ran out with an axe thinking there were zombies outside but to my surprise there wasn’t. I adventured out looking for something or someone.

My friends and I split up because we thought it would be the best idea but now that I think about it maybe not. Finally I found a shop which was still somewhat intact, at last some food and water –  slightly gone off – but it’s all I can get my hands on. Suddenly a banging and growl I heard from outside and an awful stench.

I looked outside and to my horror saw men in ragged up clothes, blood drooping out of the mouth, slow walk, killer look in their eyes. As I got closer I recognised familiar faces. It was Uncle Mark and Lee. I knew what I had to do.

I looked around for my axe, got it and took a swing at the horrible looking people saying sorry God for every one that I had killed.

After, I just sat down and cried. I got over it, got up and went for my next mission. Operation Bring the Gang Back. First look for Tom the smart one, second Lee because he has good plans and third, Tofumi the strong one. Once we all got back together, operation live. I think you get that one. I knew Tom was in Lucan so that was where I first went because it was closest. So I set out on the long walk through the forests, run down buildings and many dead bodies. I closed my eyes a lot, eventually I found Tom.

Tom was on the floor with an injured arm, and cornered by a big, hungry, gruesome, drooling blood human. I squinted my eyes and to my horror it was his own father.  He was in danger, all he had was a handgun but from what I could see was out of ammo. So I ran as fast as I could with my axe in hand and struck the gruesome human in the head, yuck, blood splattered onto the ground and on our clothes, we knew we were getting somewhere. I gave Tom ammo and we set out to find the rest.