Once upon a time, Dublin used to be a place where people loved to come. The night was never quiet and everyone got along. That though before our lives changed for the worst. Zombies came and attacked the city and all the men were forced to face a losing war against the undead. Women were left to mind the children, worrying about if they were doing to see their sons or husbands again. In order for us to survive we had to make a choice. Flee, or stay and die. Most of us chose option one.

My sister and I fled to Templeogue where we knew there would not be any zombies, or so we thought. When we arrived we gathered supplies which included clothes, food, sweets, sleeping bags and most importantly, weapons to kill a zombie. The whole town of Templeogue was practically abandoned but upon closer inspection we found bodies which had bite marks. Josie and I made quick haste to leave town as we knew they would wake up soon. We found an abandoned house thirty miles from town, we decided to settle there as we both knew that we couldn’t go much further, so we hid there from humanity for five years.

“Lola, Lola!”

I got a fright as my little sister Josie called my name.

“What?” I responded as I quickly ran over to her.

“I was worried about you because you have been in a daydream staring out at the ocean for over an hour now”

“I’m sorry Josie. I have been missing home. I think it’s time to go home.”

“Lola, how do we know they are gone though?”

“We don’t, but it’s been far too long, Josie”

“Okay. Let’s pack then.”

Josie and I packed and made our way back to the town hoping it was completely deserted and thankfully it was, so we kept going, gathering the last of the supplies in the town and made our way back to Tallaght. On our way we encountered certain problems along the way. The trains in the past five years have stopped so we had an even longer but more dangerous journey to go on. And all the roads were flooded due to a major storm we had had last week.

We were a kilometre away from Tallaght when we were attacked by a pack of zombies. My sister and I are only fifteen and twenty so it is going to be hard for her to fight but anyway we got our weapons and fired into the crowd. We killed some but not enough before they reached us. We were being backed against the wall and even though we kept firing it wasn’t enough, they got Josie and killed her. I was devastated but fire was burning up inside me and I lost it. I shot my way through the crowd and made a run for it. I made it back to Tallaght to find I had killed the last group of zombies. I found my mum, too stubborn to come with us. Dad was also there he was given medical leave after he lost his leg by stepping on a bomb.

Many years after that we still missed Josie but we kept strong for her. All I can say is I got my one last chance with my family to start my own family, with my Mum, Dad and husband.