It was the tiny splash of raindrops falling on my forehead that woke me. Looking up to the sky I guessed it was close to dawn. The soft red glow was rising in the East, spreading across the land but had not yet reached the forest where I lay, hidden among the foliage.


I decided to make the most of my early rising. Folding the blankets in to the bag I had fashioned from old curtains before leaving the house, I took one last look at my camping spot. Then walked onward, weaving further into the forest, unsure of where my next camping spot would be.


Shortly after dawn, I reached a second clearing. At the back of the space, I noticed a trail that seemed to run right through the forest. I knew better than to take that path. The Orcs were moving quickly through The Hinterland, burning villages as they moved.


If they came to the forest, it was most likely they would take a path already laid out for them. Unsure of where to go from there, I decided it was time to use my power. I pulled the small orb from my bag and crouched down, clenching the ball tightly.  The orb was not entirely necessary for gazing but it provided me with a focus for my concentration as I glanced into the future.


My mid filled with billowing clouds of smoke and suddenly it cleared. I could see. I saw another Orc pack burning their way through the Square. They would reach the midlands soon. I saw piles of bodies of women and children, burning and smoking while the men were marched into the slave trade.


I knew I needed to continue moving South rather than risk crossing the path of the Orc army by moving North. Although horrified by what I had seen, I was incapable of providing any sort of protection. At most I could give a warning but villages across the land were already aware they needed to move, they just had nowhere to go. I sighed to myself then put the orb back into my bag.


On my journey I meet a small group of teens with powers like mine. Someone who can control water, someone who can move objects using only their mind. We join forces and head for the east where the elves were seen. There is hope with them, together we can raise an army. Once we get the help from the elves, we can head for the Square, where the last of the humans will stand and fight.