I wake up to the smell of burning which makes my stomach turn. Something feels off. Maybe it’s the fact that the air is foggy or the fact I haven’t heard a sound since I woke up. The market is normally open, the village booming and full of sound, but not today. I really can’t shake this feeling. The bell near the round tower hasn’t even rang. Slowly and quietly I creep down the stairs and walk to the kitchen. The smell of smoke goes up my nose, making me cough. I swing open the front door and pause, too shaken to move. My throat closing as my mouth dries up. Nothing. There is nothing outside. Where is everything? Everyone? I must be dreaming. 


I go outside and look around. Burnt wood and broken buildings cover the roads. There is nothing left standing. Then I hear what I think is a branch snapping. “Who’s there?” I say, with no response. “Who’s there!” I shout. Suddenly a face pops out from behind the only building left standing, apart from my house. Startled, I jump. The face staring back at me isn’t a normal face. They have one eye, no nose, and a big wide mouth with very little teeth. Cautiously we approach eachother. “My name is Uma. Who and what are you?” I say proudly, trying to hide my fear. “I am Ogmalious. You may call my Oggo.” the creature says. Something about him makes me feel safe, like I know him already. “What happened here?” I ask. “An army of magical people came and attacked your village. I was sent by my kingdom to see if there were any survivors. By the looks of things, you’re the only one.” 


We walked for what felt like days when in reality, it was twelve hours. My blistered red raw feet pounding from the pain while Oggo skipped happily home. The weight of my whole village was heavy on my shoulders. The fact that I still have to hide my true self worries me. I have no one only myself. Abruptly Oggo stopped skipping. I looked up. Two huge kingdom gates stood in front of me. Intimidated, I look towards Oggo. He looks back at me with a grin. I jump at the loud bang of the gates slowly opening, just enough so that we can both squeeze through. Inside the gates were thousands of little houses with thatched roofs and stone walls similar to the ones that were once in my village. As I walk through the centre of the village, everyone stares. No one there looks like me, not even the slightest bit. Everyone looks like Oggo. We both walk to the doors of a castle. Oggo now looks even paler than before. I didn’t think that was possible. 


As we go into the castle, we are greeted. “Hello and welcome to my kingdom, Hilltrail Valley.” an extremely proud man says. “I am Stillter the King.” I look to the left to see Oggo bowing. Copying him, I bow. “Don’t be stupid, stand  up. You don’t have to bow, you’re a guest.” Stillter says. “Oh sorry… I – I am just a little confused. I’ve never heard of Hilltrail before.” I mumble. “Yes, we’ve stayed hidden for the last century in fear of the attacks. Now, it is time to come out. We can no longer sit back and watch our fellow kingdoms suffer,” Stillter exclaimed, “Your kingdom was the first one hit. There is no king, no queen, no army, and no one left but you. You’re very lucky.” “What!?” I screeched all over the place. “I – I… No! That hasn’t happened. That can’t happen. My family, my friends.” I cried out. “Ogmalious!” Stillter’s voice thundered through the castle, making my hysterics stop from fear of what was about to happen. “I thought you told her!” Stillter shouted. “You said you would, Father.” Oggo said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” Oggo said in my direction. Then, everything stops and goes silent. 


I open my eyes slowly. My head feels foggy. “No,” I thought, “it can’t be”. I wake up to the same burning smell that made my stomach turn. The same foggy air and silent surrounding. I woke up in the middle of Hilltrail Valleys village. No buildings left standing, ash and rubble everywhere. There was no longer a grand big castle or a small village. It all turned to burning wood, hay, and stone scattered everywhere. I knew it was me. How else was I alive after the first time my kingdom was demolished. My mother told me that I destroy things sometimes. I just never thought it could be this big. There was no attacks, only me. Only the secret I was hiding. I’m not human. I grab supplies and leave this destroyed kingdom. These powers weren’t a gift. I didn’t want to destroy everything I love.