“Thank God we aren’t down there,” my mother said.


“The Authority has gone too far with their power. People are disappearing left, right and centre.”


I do agree with my mother, but she doesn’t realise how careful she has to be with what she’s saying. It didn’t affect us that much. They were all down South when we were up North.


“I’m going to the shop, we are out of milk” I told her.


“Okay, don’t take too long” she replied.


I put on my shoes and my coat and set off.


When I got there, there was about 3 cartons left. I got one of the cartons, paid and left. When I got home I put the milk in the fridge. I went to the sitting room to find my mother wasn’t there. I figured she had gone to the bathroom. Ten minutes passed and my mother still did not come downstairs. I ran up and I checked every room upstairs. She wasn’t in any of them. I ran back downstairs and flung open the back door. She wasn’t outside either.


The car was still in the front garden.


“Mam?” I called out repeatedly. There was no reply.


I quickly remembered our conversation from earlier. I knew the Authority were involved in my mother’s disappearance.


I didn’t know what to do.  The Authority have taken my mother away because she had an opinion about them. I just couldn’t tell how they would know. Then it hit me. A leaf, it hit me. It came from outside the back garden. The window was open. Our next door neighbour works for the Authority. He must have heard our conversation. I wanted to get her back.


The Authority won’t keep my mother. Not if I get involved. But how do I get her back? I didn’t even know what they had done with her. I needed a plan.


The only thing I could think about was putting money towards a spy who would act as if they were part of the Authority. Then I could get weapons off the spy.


That was part of my plan. But I didn’t have an attack plan. I asked some of my friends for help but only 3 agreed. I needed more.


Eventually I had a good amount of people to help. Then I needed to work on the attack plan.

I was debating whether we should attack at day or at night. In the day they could see us easily, but at night they would probably have more guards out because it’s the more common option to attack . I settled on 2 o’clock in the morning.


The spy was hired and got in the building. We were supplied with as many weapons as possible. It was time.


We all snuck up to the building. We got in through a hole in the ground.




We opened fire. I ran everywhere looking for my mother. I came across a cellar. She has to be down here, I thought. I ran down the cellar stairs, it was dark, very dark. I found a matchbox and lit a match. The smell down there was awful. As I turned from side to side, I could see loads of innocent faces. Then I came across my mother’s. I tried to get her out and I succeeded. She was free. All I cared about then was helping everybody else and getting out as quick as possible.


I knew then, that we had just about beat the Authority.