Brok the Orc has set an attack on the M50, a large trading post. Stagecoaches bring riches through. It is owned by Luke and he makes a small fortune from his trading post. To avoid an attack from the orcs Luke increased defences to protect his station. Brok had a small army and needed more troops, weapons and equipment to get through so decided to do some looting, his yellow eyes lit up and his green scaly skin shivered. He and his legion of orcs (who all looked the same but were differentiated by their armour) advanced toward Megan, the owner of the Hellfire club. The Hellfire club housed men,women and children who were in need of help and Megan protected them. Brok and his army of sheep stormed into her territory armed with steel swords and bows killing the women with no mercy and keeping the men and children captive. He proposed to Megan to let the men fight for him and he would spare the children who were lined up with swords inches from their faces. Alex the protector of the Hellfire attacked Brok in an outrage but was killed by a standard goon of Brok’s. He had claimed the Hellfire.


Brok the Orc, pleased with his recent attack, needed supplies from the local town square which was protected by wooden barriers. He now had a mix of human soldiers and orcs and he forced the humans to go to the front gates and start the massacre of the town. With no choice and men thinking of the safety of the children complied with little hesitation. The town was known for having the local town jester – Jack the jester – and the 3 women of the Square to be the the rightful owners of the whole Square. Brok flanked their little society and while his human army broke through the front gate him and his orcs flanked the town and climbed ladders they put at the back of the market. The Orcs were told to draw out the owners from hiding so they viciously decapitated, burned, bit and scalped civilians who feared for their lives The army roared demanding supplies. Eventually after all the destruction they were granted from the three owners food, supplies and most importantly a 10 foot long wooden catapult, designed to throw large stone boulders. He proceeded through Tallaght and was nearly ready for his final attack but first he needed a large wealth from someone. Aaron of Palmerstown was the richest town in all the land next and he only lived there with his family which was large but nothing compared to the population of a town such as the Hellfire or the Square. Brok knew this was an easy target.

“Man the catapult station” Brok said in his language which consisted of grunts and gurgles but the orcs could understand him. A 500 pound boulder was pushed by an orc (they have great strength) and the barriers of their town were destroyed. Aaron and his family were lined up in seconds on their knees. They each individually begged for mercy as they were killed one by one by Brok with a small hatchet he liked to carry. The howls and sound of blood streaming was like a soothing tune to an orcs ears. With a large amount of wealth he was prepared to claim the final land he wanted to take.


Brok saw Luke at the top of his bridge which connected to guard towers at the entrance to the M50. Brok hollered at Luke to surrender immediately. Luke calmly whispered to one of his guards and within in second a group of people with bows were aiming at the orcs and Broks human slaves. Brok looked back at his army and then at Luke then roared a roar that would deafen a man, this was the cue to fight. The catapult shot a bunch of wooden logs that were on fire and momentarily Luke’s base was like a campfire to an ant because it was enormous.  Brok made his way past soldiers and orcs being stabbed and beaten and climbed his way up the guard tower to Luke’s bridge. There were flames all around him and a bloody battle below. The mountains were in the distance and Luke and Brok knew someone was going to die.

“I am so close to victory, I am going to be the first orc to have claimed this much land in all of history!”

“Then claim your prize.” Luke claimed before they ran at each other. The bridge’s wooden planks breaking beneath their feet before they collide and strike each other at the same time. In that moment they both knew they were dead but Luke knew stopping him stopped a long time of misery and despair. In that moment Luke knew society can now function and evolve. This was the end of a treacherous stage in their history.