It is day 56. The zombies have been taking over for more than a month now. The hospital is the only building left with electricity, the lights are making the zombies come, but at least he is still alive. Before the zombies came my husband was in a terrible accident, he hasn’t woken from the coma, despite my pleas. I am the only one left to love him, the only person who cares for his safety more than their own. We have a small group here helping defend our new home when the zombies hit, nut none of these people seem trustworthy. We have acquired weapons, before the city got too dangerous we searched for resources and equipment to keep us safe. The zombies seem to be increasing in numbers drastically. I have kept him safe for this long but they are adapting, becoming stronger and more difficult to defeat. So many have died, even the survivors in the hospital are growing so weak that they cannot protect us anymore. But I will not leave his side, no matter the consequence, I will save him, like I know he will save me when he wakes.

The word has spread about the electricity in the hospital. Survivors of the apocalypse are making their way to us to try and build a group to go hunting for food and resources. As there are still doctors staying in the hospital for safety, we have wounded people coming for help, these people are being recruited in our group, fighting for survival. The doctors have said that he has begun breathing on his own, I can only hope that he is coming back, to save me and save this town we call our home.