Authority is something people love or people hate. I personally love authority. That is why when the government in Ireland shut down, I set up GLEN in Dublin. My name is Acidity Regulator and I love three things. Myself, power and lying. I am from Germany but I came to Ireland 26 years ago for a job. That is when I was introduced to Polio Mardici. He became one of my close friends. We were practically brothers until I stabbed him in the chest with a violin bow and stole his ideas to take over Dublin.


Within the next year everything was ready to start G.L.E.N. Greed Lies Envy Notorious.


Everyone was told by GLEN that they were guaranteed safety. There was only 3 rules to follow.

  1. GLEN says what you can and can’t do. You obey them
  2. Don’t talk bad about GLEN
  3. Don’t think badly about GLEN


If you were to break any of these rules you would disappear.


Everything was how I planned it until Amanda and Eva showed up. My men were like lambs and the girls were the slaughterhouse. They had them all dead in 5.2 minutes. Then I knew they wanted my blood next! All I know is they told me how mad  they are after me promising safety. Now I’m dead and it’s my own fault.






It’s a strange thing. It can control people, it can hurt people but power can also help start the end of a horrible thing…


Ireland was a place divided. Dublin is where I’m from. My name is amanda and I have a supernatural power. When I look at a person and clap, they fall into a sleep like death.


Ever since our government was shut down, Dublin has been taken over by GLEN. GLEN isn’t a person. GLEN is a society that controls our county.


GLEN promises it will make Dublin the “safest” place in the world. It has been 25 years and that is yet to happen. If we say or think anything against GLENs ways of life, we disappear.


I specifically live in Grange Castle. I took sanctuary there after it was abandoned. I feel safer there. I have tried many times to get into the Hellfire Club, that is where GLEN is based, but it has never been successful.


For many years I have heard stories about people disappearing, so much for being “safe”. One day I just got so sick and tired of it all so I got Eva, the shop owner down the street to help design a plan to end GLEN once and for all.


About three days later we had our plan ready to go. That night we did it, we broke into the Hellfire Club. with my power and Eva’s ability to start fires into peoples bodies, we successfully took down the Authority but there was one more thing to do. I have to find the leader of the GLEN so i can kill myself. I want to be responsible for saving Dubin, my home.

I found him later that night, his name is Acidity Regulator. I look him in the eyes and I clapped.


Eva set him on fire.


He is gone! GLEN is gone! We are saved!


Suddenly, everyone that disappeared came back, it was like a curse had been lifted.