I was opening my stall and setting up for the day. It was becoming bitter over the incoming storm. I’m fearing the day it reaches Saggart. The whole town is going to be unrecognisable I thought to myself.

I started sharpening swords as customers started to come pick up their orders they had placed a few days prior.

“Morning Nova, “

“Morning Clark” I replied. Clark used to be the owner of this armour stall, but passed it down to me after I completed my apprenticeship with him a few months back. He thought it would be a good idea since I needed my own pay to get away from the storm.

“Working hard, are we, Nova?” Clark jokingly asked.

“Yes sire, I am”

“I came to pick up the armour for Fenix”

“Ah, yes sir, I just finished welding it yesterday”

I handed him a silver saddle with matching reins.

“Very good, Nova. Well done on the craftsmanship”

“Thank you, sir”.

Clark handed me five gold coins (two more than he should have given me). I looked at him with joy and thanked him. Clark went on his way and I continued to take and make orders.


As it came to the end of the day, a short man dressed in a black robe came over to the stalls and started to look at the chest-pieces and walked off. I began to pack up and noticed a small black satin bag hanging from the chest piece. Out of curiosity I snatched the bag and glared inside to only find a green glowing crystal. I finished up packing up the stall, only to rush straight the library to try and find out what this weird object was.  I rooted for every book on crystals, only to find that none had what I was looking for. I threw the crystal in my bag and set off home still curious to why this mysterious glowing rock was. As it glared at me from the bottom of the bag.

“ Where did this come from?”

“Who was that man and why did…..”   

As soon as I knew it , I was surrounded by nothing but and ice rain. The storm had hit and I only had minutes to get away from it. I was almost home , I had to grab my savings and essentials to survive before I got out of Saggart.  I pushed myself through the blistering cold and vicious winds. I was coming up to my small cottage Clank built for me when my parents died. It was half submerged in ice. I rushed to the upstairs closet where I had my survival gear and savings, and ran back outside. I could have sworn I was in my home for less than five minutes only to see absolute terror.

It was total chaos. Large structured homes were now statues of ice , the nearby lake was totally frozen over and the town’s thieves were breaking into the quickly freezing homes to take supplies from lesser privileged families . I never pictured such wretchedness. It was as if everyone lost their humanity.

I was moving quickly to get to the train station only to  remind myself of Clank. I couldn’t leave without him. I jerked myself back through the storm heading towards my dear friend.

It took me almost twenty  minutes.