It was Monday morning and I was watching the news, as I heard there was a Zombie’s coming my way but i didn’t think it was true that’s crazy. I went to get myself a cup of tea and realised there was no milk so i got dressed and went to the shop as i was walking out of my house i saw my neighbour,“don’t go out there, did you not watch the news this morning, apparently there is zombies everywhere. “Hahaha,” I laughed at her “There’s no way zombies are everywhere,” I said. I carried on walking alone to the shop, I got there and there was no milk or even bread.

I decided to ask the worker as she told me they have no stock left as she was panicking and rushing about. I didn’t know what was going on. As I was walking out of the shop I heard a noise but didn’t pay much attention to it, I heard it again but this time is was louder and sounded like someone was in trouble. I rushed around the corner to find hundreds, thousands, millions of zombies. I panicked and didn’t know what what to do as I shouted “hey leave her alone.” Well I tell you that was a very bad idea.

Next thing ye know I’m running and running as fast as i can to get away from these zombies as they are coming for me. I don’t know what to do or where to go, as the first place i thought was my house but then I would be trapped…. I started running on the Luas tracks as I didn’t think that would be the best idea but as i got to Belgard there was a Luas on its left side, there was zombies everywhere. I saw this girl, as she looked familiar, I sprinted over to her, and it was my friend Rebecca, she had a bullet hole in the arm, so I wrapped it up with my jumper and we kept on running. Rebecca was very weak. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

There was a truck and the side of the road As Rebecca said “lets go over maybe they can help” I didn’t think it was a good idea but at this stage we will take as much help as possible. We ran over to the truck as we heard a load of people mumbling, at this point i wanted to turn back but  Rebecca had already banged on the truck so we had no choice and i wasn’t leaving her on her own. I heard screaming as that was the point when i pulled Rebecca and ran. We sprinted to Tallaght hospital and we thought that would be our best option. We got to Cookstown Luas stop and Rebecca asked me to stop running for a minute. A few seconds later she dropped to the ground.

They were all behind us as i didn’t leave her alone I picked her up and ran as fast as i could to the hospital, running threw everybody, as there was zombie’s everywhere. I was out of breath as i couldn’t run up the stairs so i decided to take the lift. I pressed the 3rd button to go onto the 3rd floor and the lift stopped the lights went off, it was dark and scary….i was just standing there looking at the walls, never did i know it was a mirror.. The lights turned back on and the doors opened wide I looked in the mirror and saw zombie’s surrounding me. There was nothing to do expect RUN…I knew there was a special button i ran to it and pressed it.

Everything went blank, I opened my eyes and there was doctors and nurses doing their jobs everything was bright.