Lunch was usually an exciting time of the day. We all gather together at the dining table in the basement of the Round Tower. My father is in control of the elves and we are expecting an invasion from them, so the butler says. We receive post from the elves daily saying they are unhappy with their living conditions and want a change, but my father forever refuses to do such a thing. The elves continuously say they want me and I think that soon, I will have to give in as it is a constant. 


This afternoon for lunch, we were to have a vegetarian rice dish but that quickly changed when bangs at the door echoed through the hallway. I look out the window, confused. All I can see are elves. One popped up at the window, so I went to run away. I turn to the next window, and the same. Three chants came and they all came pouring in. Everywhere I turned, there was an elf. My father, as usual, shouted for them to leave but they wouldn’t. As per usual, the elves wanted me but did my father care? Absolutely not. Every letter he’s gotten from them, he’s burned in the fire. The elves want me. That’s never going to change. One elf goes up and shouts “Give her to us!”. So, what did my father do? He hands me over to the elves and I don’t know what to do. Rumour has it that when the elves take someone, they keep them in a dark cave. No one knew if it was true or not, because no one has ever been taken. The elves were happy enough then, so they threw me into the houses of the elves. It’s hard to stay here, especially being a princess. The houses are so small, I barely have space to sleep. I hate it here and I want to go home. 


I woke up from an awful nights sleep and was dragged out of the house. The elves came in and shouted at me to wake me up. Grabbed by the wrists and forced to do something. I was constantly busy. Didn’t have a second to think. It was all very hard work and it was honestly unbearable. I saw they were treating all the other elves the same way. I had to do all the physical work with the elves. I hated this, I had to get away. How could my father be letting this happen? I wish I didn’t just go when he told me. I should’ve fought back so I didn’t have to come here. It would be so much better. I had to get away. It has to be fast and go unnoticed. 


I got home that night and I have never been more tired. I made a plan to get away. I was going to wake up and do the usual breakfast, but escape from work. I then was going to hide underground in my father’s hidden underground closures but I don’t know if they come out in this direction. We can see what happens. I can try my best. 


To get out this morning, I need to climb up the ladder on the outside of the Round Tower and I hate heights, so I don’t see this working. I went to breakfast as usual and I left, looking all around for the message in this place to get underground, but there was no hope. I had to find a new route to get home. 


I decided I’d run. I was going to run all the way home. So, I did and I saw a few elves after me but I also saw the ladder in the distance. I got up and almost fell a few times but I got away okay. I went to find my father and I did. I shouted at him for these working and living conditions. I explained how this had to change because it was unfair. My father refused and sent me to the top of the Round Tower. 


Days have gone by and I have gotten no food. I can visibly see my wrists getting skinnier, my bones popping out in places they never have before. The maid came up to me with a small supply of water for I don’t know how long. I’ve done nothing up here. I’ve sat in the corner and cried because my father probably hates me now. I feel so sick from the hunger, I’m scared that this is it and I will die soon which is awful. My father would never forgive himself if that is the case, but who knows what the future holds? I lean up against the steel door and just think. This wasn’t my fault. I had zero control over this. I close my eyes. 

I wake up on the other side of the room, barely opening my eyes. Something is wrong with my eye and I pull my hand up to touch it. I look at my hand. Blood covers my fingers. I’m so confused. I look outside – darkness. The whole place is in complete darkness. I lean against the wall. I feel faint. I close my eyes “I’ll never forgive you” I say aloud, knowing no one can hear me. I stayed there the whole time. “This is it” I think, and lay down. I was right. That was it.