I cursed under my breath, my hands fumbling as I struggle to lock the door behind me. My thoughts raced around my head, crashing each other and falling into muddled heaps as I tried to regain my composure. This place, my home, this far flung area of the mountains so disconnected that I so surely thought I’d be safe from everyone, was under siege. And it wasn’t by the same people I’d run from years ago, the reason I had isolated myself and my powers. Were these even people at all?

Before I could begin to formulate a plan, some sort of escape, I had already been found, thunderous knocking beating against my door.

Before they had the chance to begin their assault on my door once more, I staggered to the back of the cave and searched for anything that could possibly aid me. Foolishly, I had never even thought of supplying myself with any form of weaponry. Arrogance had deceived me into believing that I could never be found here. As for my powers, my abilities that had created the snow and ice that continued to plague us all, they had grown rusty with neglect and it was a struggle even to come up with the simpler incantation.

But as the door was flung into the corner of my cave and the beasts stood before me, it dawned on me that those same powers were now my only defence. I threw up a wall of ice, buying myself some time to conjure up snow warriors, or even a blizzard. A pool of water began to form at my feet, and my heart sank as I realised the beasts had power over fire.

The battle that ensued was short lived, and barely even that. I knew I couldn’t face one beast alone, but as one by one more and more filed in behind it I realised the fight was over before it had even begun. Within seconds, I was overpowered.