I woke up again. 5am. Only 30 minutes until… I can barely talk or write  about it. It is called the Brute raids. That name gives anyone of the 13 people left in Dublin a chill down their spine. I stood up, picked up the the worn out AK and put on warm clothes. A skating helmet, a military vest and sharp hiking boots. I ate the military meal and then I heard the base’s dreaded military sirens for the first time in the five years I’ve been here. Suddenly, crack! The trapdoor cracked.

I heard the crack, I picked up the brass knuckles and AK. I ran out, hitting a zombie with the brass knuckle, hitting out whatever was left in there. Then the next one came. I used my boots, kicking through the bugger’s stomach, it was disgusting but it had to be done.

Then I ran up the mountain, even though I’m not the fastest I outran them thanks to the boots, when I was high enough I opened fire. I’d killed  a few but it was no good they would come back to life after this wave. But then, then I saw a female zombie, she looked almost the same as my mother. I dropped my gun suddenly. She leaped, she started biting the flesh off me. I screamed and shouted, WTF!!

Suddenly I heard a shot, she was dead, it was Tom and Milosz. I felt relieved but then I remembered there is what we would call a gang, right beside me. I swiftly stood up and aimed at them.

“Is that how you repay someone who saved you?” said Tom.

I was confused.

“What do you want?” I said.

“Easy. Join us” said Milosz. Should I join them?

I said “Why should I join you?”

Tom said “otherwise we will leave you here to die, join us for protection alright? Your choice”

I had no time to think as the zombies were coming and in a panic I said “okay, I’ll join your stupid gang.”

“Good job,” said Milosz, and he whispered to Tom, “Told you he would join.”

And so the fighting went on with the gruesome zombies coming in waves of 30. Luckily Tom had a minigun. Then I thought that maybe joining wasn’t so bad, after all.