Going around Templeogue now was like walking around a different world when I compared it to what it used to be.


I decided to settle here because it was all I really knew, it was close to the water and I took advantage of that and decided to make my own power from it, a power that couldn’t be tracked or monitored by the Authority. I was running low on food and I had pretty much scavenged most of the area around me. I’d set out with my rucksack, my pistol and a heart full of hope, hope that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew on the ground dead at the hands of the Authority. Hope that I wouldn’t run into crazed scavengers and hope that I wouldn’t run into the Authority itself.

I made my way out to IT Tallaght, an Institute I was fond of before this madness broke out. I counted 30 Authority signs on my way there. I’d gotten to the front gate of the Institute and my body locked up. Just past that gate, a body hung off the roof by his neck was Adam, Adam Jean.


We were best friends since the age of 9 all the way up to when we decided to work for the Authority. We decided to split up as we thought it would be safer. We ran away after seeing the Authority’s inhumane ways.

I’d fallen to my knees feeling guilt, sadness and above all, pure rage. I felt that for so long that I’ve stayed away from the fight, but now is my time to deal with this evil, devilish set-up that I’ve gotten so used to living under, but not any more.


I’d left straight away without searching the place, my hunger and train of thought thrown off completely by my temper. I got home, put my bag on the table, I’d used the key I always kept around my neck to open up a locker I kept in the basement. I had opened it up to see my assault rifle. I had gotten my first kill with it but never used it after because of the guilt I felt.

But this, this was different, this time there was no mercy. This time it was about revenge. This time it was for Adam. I’d taken it down out of the locker, loaded it up and left my house with the rifle that gave me my first kill and which will most likely give me my last.