One gloomy morning I was woken up to a violent pounding on my door. I rushed out of bed to answer. Nobody else was awake yet.

The closer I got to answering the door I started hearing yelling and screaming. I answered the door to my neighbour from two doors down, he had a look of horror on his face. Before I could even ask him what was wrong he was screaming in my face

“It’s back! It’s back! The disease is back!”

A wave of panic washed over me, so many thoughts started to run through my mind. Will we have to evacuate to higher ground? I can take the pets, how quick is the disease spreading? It had been twenty years since the last known carrier was killed. Before I could ask any questions my neighbour had run off and the whole town was already running around in panic preparing to evacuate. Not one of them knew where they were doing they just knew they couldn’t stay where they were. I woke up my family and broke the news. We all decided we had to evacuate, the town wasn’t safe enough. We made a plan to go to Tallaght to collect supplies. The hospital could still have medicine and we could find other things we needed in the Square. We packed up the car with as many supplies and petrol as we could find. I was sad to leave our home after so many years but knew it was probably for the best.

The trip took over two hours, we spotted the occasional sick person here and there who were heading towards where we left, evacuating was the right thing to do.

When we got to Tallaght, I was in shock from what I saw, there was nothing left, everything was burnt to the ground. Me and my brother got out of the car to look through the ash and rubble still in seeing distance of the car. We didn’t speak to each other when we were doing this, I think we were both in shock. We both decided to head back to the car when all of a sudden we hear the tyres skidding, both turning our heads at the same time we see the car speeding away. However there was a strange looking man in the driver’s seat this time and the rest of my family were in the back.

I wasn’t sure whether to feel worried or betrayed, everything had happened so quickly. However we had no time to think about the situation as the noise of the car attracted a crowd of diseased people. We ran for ten minutes before coming across as open sewage pipe. We had no choice but to climb through it.

Three days had passed and we had no clue where we were, my brother complaining the whole time wanting to lie down and rest somewhere even though he knew that wasn’t an option. We had to keep going.

We got to the top of a hill when we noticed a cloud of white smoke in the distance which could be a good or a bad sign. I decided to take the risk and follow it as we hadn’t eaten for three days so if there was any chance that there was food or supplies we would take it. On the whole journey all I could think about was what happened to my family, were they dead? Did they abandon us? All these questions ran through my head.

When we arrived to the source of the smoke we found an abandoned cottage with enough food and supplies to last us for a week. It wasn’t much but it was at least a place to stay for a while until we figured out what we were doing.