I was in Grange Castle when this all started to happen


I was by myself panicking, thinking about what I was going to do.


Suddenly Jordan pulls up in his Ma’s green Seat to take us up the the Hellfire.


We stopped outside the Lidl on the way up to get some food for us, a few cookies and a few packets of Tayto and we were sorted for the week.


We made ourselves somewhere to sleep and waited for the next morning then.


The morning came and Munnelly was gagging for a few cans of Tennents


We went back down to Lidl to find that there wasn’t even a sup left in the place.


We went back up to the Hellfire then to look for food because we were both ‘marvin.


I gave up after 10 minutes but Munnelly came back about an hour later with a baby deer wrapped around his shoulders.


We then cooked the deer.