Two weeks in to the disaster and I’m still alive.


On the news they estimate 40-50% of the population is infected. I’m staying in Institute of Technology, Tallaght, with 12 other people. We take turns on being lookout in the security room for 6 hour periods at a time.


Every second day 4 of us make a trip to the Square shopping centre, Lidl or Aldi for food, we still have electricity for cooking and heating I but feel within the next week that it will turn off. So we will have to use fire.


Every night we see a flashlight signal from the top of the Maldron, one of the people we’re staying with is a veteran and he says it’s an SOS signal in morse code.


On the 4th night of seeing the SOS signal all of us decide to go and help, on the journey to the Maldron we were attacked by hundreds of zombies and we had no weapons to use against them.