My mam is gone but she speaks to me still.


I wake up in an empty building with my mam’s voice inside my head. She tells me that danger is coming, confused I run out of the building, I can hear cars, my mam’s voice tells me to follow the sound. I come to a wall and climb it to see the N7 almost empty but in the distance I hear trucks and gunfire. My mam’s voice tells me to climb back down the wall and hide, I see four heavily armed trucks packed with armed men, as they speed past I duck so they can’t see me. My mam’s voice tells me to go to the canal.


Once I get there she tells me to get in and look for a trap door on the bank. When I find the door she tells me to open it, I get in and see a dimly lit tunnel. She tells me to follow that tunnel straight ahead but to be wary of “The Authority”. As I progress i see a figure in the distance, he charges towards me we struggle and I knock him to the ground and choke him, he is wearing a uniform. I take it off him and put it on to disguise myself. My mam’s voice tells me to climb out of the next door.


As I come out of the door I see the Red Cow. I meet the transport co-ordinator and he recognises me, I don’t know how but he knows I’m not with The Authority. He takes me into a building and tells me I can stay here for as long as I need.

The co-ordinator tells me that The Authority has taken over and there is no freedom anymore. We hear trucks outside, he looks out the window and says “shit, I’m sorry but I have to do this”. He knocks me out and ties me to the chair.


I wake up in the Hell Fire Club, a woman says “It’s okay, you’re safe now”. She explains to me that there is a group of people that are trying to restore freedom among the people. She tells me about an infiltration on Grange Castle tomorrow.


The next morning we set off in a large group of about 800, joining two other groups of about 500 at the Red Cow, we continue on to Grange Castle armed and ready to attack.


My mam’s voice tells me that it will not be an easy fight going through the main gate at once, I spread word that we will split into three groups, as we surround the castle Group One opens fire on Gate 3. As all guards rush to Gate 3, Group Two breach Gate 4 and Group Three hold back.


As my Group Two storm the castle, my mam tells me to go to the top floor, there I will find the Emperor. I make my way to the top floor as I kick the door down to find the Emperor at the window, I open fire and he leaps, falling to his fate, death. Karma for all despair and pain he has inflicted.


Two months on and humanity has been restored in the South.