Tonight is the night. The zombies are coming. So I’ve to prepare and set up for tonight. I am at a beach. This place has been abandoned the past three weeks. Ever since that disease killed over half of South Dublin. I was with my two friends the night of the first attack. Beatrice and Jack had gone home  and I turned on the television. On every channel was the news and the only story was about an outbreak of a disease. We were all warned to stay indoors.


There was a bang at the front door. My mam was downstairs and my dad was in work. Another loud bang was at the window in the living room. I heard the glass shatter. The television went blank. I remember there was a gun in my dad’s locker and a knife under the bed. I ran and took them. Then I found a hiding spot in the closet. I heard my mam scream and I heard her throwing things. Then the screaming stopped.


I heard footsteps, heavy footsteps. I stayed quiet, an hour passed. I got out and searched the house. I packed a bag with the knife, food and water. I carried the gun. I heard my dad pull in the drive, I had packed a bag for him already. I jumped into his car and said drive far away from here.


We drove to a shopping centre to stock up on more times. The shopping centre was empty. The we drove out here to Brittas. Nobody has come here. We saw zombies at our car last night, my dad went and shot them. A police car drove up here today and told us something big is happening tonight, to stock up and be ready.


We got in the car and went to find more water and food. We saw a hoard of zombies in the distance so we quickly ran back to the car with our food and water. My dad sped back to the beach, where we found shelter. We settle down for an hour before I fell asleep, my dad stayed up all night waiting for something to happen. I jumped up  because I heard gunshots. It wasn’t the noise my dad’s gun made. We both covered up our shelter and stayed in silence. Hours passed and I heard another gunshot. I heard the police saying “We’ve got it”.


A boat had come in, they had the only cure for this disease, it was given to every living person, we were immune to it. We ran to the police, they took us to the station. We were clean beds, food and water. My dad had sold our house and moved away from Dublin. We started a new chapter in our life.


I’m so glad my dad came home when he did that night. The odd time you would see a zombie. You had to shoot them but you wouldn’t turn into a zombie if you die. My dad got us a private house with a big fence around it to prevent anything bad happening to us again. A week after we moved, I started in a new school and my dad left work to make sure I was always protected and in no danger.