I work in Tallaght Hospital, I’m a doctor. It’s always so busy in here, we hardly have any time to sit down. It’s packed in here. I mostly work in the pediatric ward with the really bad injured kids. The kids are high up in the hospital where it’s safer. I go down a few times a day and oh God it’s a disaster.


Today I was called down, there was a zombie attack at the Square. Everyone is going mad because its so close to the hospital. Kids come in with half-eaten arms and legs and it’s horrible. There is a kid that attracted my attention, his eyes are gone and he’s acting strange out. He could just be scared. I do the normal check up and I take him upstairs.


There are so many kids coming in I haven’t seen this in a few weeks, I’m not going to lie. It’s very scary with them so close. Some people have to be put down as they have been infected by the zombies. I’ve never seen kids come in that have been infected, they usually get killed at the scene or just die.


I operated on a 16 year old boy, he’s been bitten and you can literally see his heart. It’s time I do the check up on my patient, when I get to the girl with no eyes, I believe her name is Grey.


I enter her room when i notice something on the floor. It’s not Grey, it’s a nurse. She has a needle in her leg. I call code red: missing child that might be a zombie. The armed guards come in and lock everything so no one comes or goes. Several kids have been injured. I panic. This has never happened, A ZOMBIE kid.


I run looking for her. She looked like my 10 years old sister. Grey is 10 years old. I notice something moving in a girl’s room, the girl is in a coma so its strange. I go in. Grey’s in there. I take my gun out, but I don’t want to shoot her because I notice a scar on her left shoulder. The same scar as my sister. I call Gemma and she turns around and in that moment I think I’m going to faint.  She has no eyes I just remember, she can’t see me.


I tell her to stay calm and everyone is going to be safe. She tries to run but I close the door in time. She tries to attack me but I shot. But not at her. She backs off, this means that she hasn’t been infected fully. I try to tell her who I am and about mam and dad but nothing. She tried to attack me and I pushed her. She went over to the window and jumped out, then she was gone, but we are on the 5th floor, there’s no way she survived.