As I wallow in self pity and fantasise about what life used to be like, the Luas came to an all-too-familiar, abrupt stop. The lights went out. I had seen this before and I knew what was coming next. I spun my head to the left where Hannah had been playing with her toy, already knowing I couldn’t stop the inevitable. The sheer chill off fright took over my senses. The Luas. Why did I take her on the Luas? Just as I once experienced before, the lights flickered back on and the engine of the Luas hummed to life just as suddenly as it had stopped. I looked around me and sure enough, every child had been taken and just like the last time, the adults had kept their composure. The same solemn looks on their faces as when they got on. I slumped back on my seat. This wasn’t a shock to me, I had been here before. But this time – this time Hannah was here and then she was gone. My mind is busy riffling through the various scenarios that could happen and what I could do. A terrifying thought crossed my mind; the Authority had my daughter. The driving force of this country had my little girl. I couldn’t save her, I would never be powerful enough to get her out. It would kill both of us in the end. 


So, what do I do? Do I let this happen like everyone else and mould my daughter into a deadly dictator? Do I have a choice?

“’Psssst” the man behind me hisses. I come out of my daze and turn to look in the small gap between the seats at him. “Get off at the next stop. Tallaght.” he says. I give him a stiff nod and return to my racing thoughts. I get off at Tallaght as the man instructed and I see him walking towards me. “Resistance,” he says gravely, “you want in?”. My heart is pounding and I suddenly feel weak. Join the Resistance and go against the Authority? I couldn’t do that. My mind poses another alternative though making me think again; let the Authority take your daughter’s soul and freedom from her without a fight? “I am in” I say, beginning to mentally prepare for war. 


It is time. It’s been 5 days since I have joined the Resistance but my hope is still weak, my morale questionable and my soul injured. We have to free the children. That is our aim. The Authority would crumble without the essence of a child. After all, that is why they take them. They use, abuse, and control every child’s individual essence and magic to make themselves more powerful. If we take back what is the heart of the Authority, they will fall. 


The battle. 10 minutes until we change the future of this country. I take a deep breath. It doesn’t;t help much but it takes my attention away from my nearing fate. We are out, exposed in the fight. Around me, children are running, screaming, fighting for their right to own their own lives. All in a split second, my vision is blurred and a sharp pain paralyses my body, bringing me to my feet. I hit the ground and smile.

Hannah’s perspective:


I see my Dad! He looks so brave. I run to him but I am stopped dead in my tracks when he suddenly collapses to the ground. With tears blurring my vision, I frantically look around me and I notice that all the children have gone. They have gotten away, finally. My eyes dart back to my lifeless father laying in the mud. I run to him. I notice the rain has stopped and a serene calm has fallen over the battlefield. I think this is over. I trudge through the mud and kneel at my dad’s side. There is an unfamiliar sound of birds singing in the trees. The sun warms my dad’s face and I smile. He helped, fought, and died to give me my future back. As I get up I look around at the fallen heroes who had given us the precious gift of life and freedom. I turned and walked away. Our future was in our hands now.