I felt cold and darkness until I took one breath. A breath I thought I would never take again. I was alive.


The cut on my throat had sealed. All I felt was the pain on my shoulder from where the Orc had bitten me. Then as I turned around and looked off the balcony from the castle in Clondalkin.


I saw fire and smoke and destruction. The Orcs were taking over more and more land. Suddenly I saw something I was seeing through the eyes of an Orc. i knew what he was planning and where he would march next.


They had passed through the Dublin Mountains and were almost finished with Tallaght. The Orcs were coming up North and only I could stop them. This bite on my shoulder connected me to the Orc somehow and I had to use this to my advantage.


I couldn’t control these visions, but whenever I could see the position of the Orcs they were getting closer and closer. I decided it was time for us all to fight. I sent a raven to all noblemen and Lords in The Hinterland.


They all assembled at the front of Clondalkin and were ready to fight. We outnumbered the Orcs. Our skills and faith in each other were nothing compared to their diabolical nature. We could see them marching and it was time. Time to win. Time to reclaim The Hinterlands. As they were approaching, I could feel the fear of the Orc. He knew it was not his time.