That may be willing to join us as we attempt to take down the Authority. A young man with an AK-47 was on watch. He aimed at us thinking we were Authority. He took all we had which was only two grenades and a half eaten slice of soggy bread. The man took us to a room with a group of men. “Who are you’s.” They shouted. “We are here to gather people for a rebellion. Join us.” “We too, plan on taking down their fortified headquarters.” One man said. “We shall join forces and demolish them.” Jay proposed. They gathered anything that would be of use and one headed to the mill.

They had two hundred and sixty-nine guns but only about two-hundred men. Luckily we had a bomb which could destroy the empty village. “Why have they put me in charge of this detonator.” I whispered into Jay’s ear as we marched on. “They believe in you.” Jay answered. There it was. A huge building with snipers peeking through metal windows. “I’ll have to sneak in and plant the bomb.” I said as I shivered. “No, that bomb in ancient. Once you click the button it blows.” “I didn’t sign up got this. I thought It had a timer. I can’t do it.” “We need you.” It was the same lad who met us at the front of the hide out. “I won’t let you do it.” Jay insisted. After I thought it for minutes on end I knew it had to be done “I have to do it.” I said.

Jason was upset but he knew I had made my mind up. The group volunteers would cover me as I ran into a little passage beside the mill. There was a small opening and I was actually inside. It was mind blowing. There were huge red flags with some red symbol I had never seen before. There were guns and ammunition to last a lifetime. There was a neverendless supply of food. I went to the base which was empty. I had one thing to go to save my friend. “This is for you Jay.” I whisper to myself. Jay stood and watched on as there was a huge explosion. A tear fell down from his face and he fell apart. He believed he had nothing to live for. *BANG* He shot himself in the head.