Seeing everything happen made me feel useless. I hate conflict, leaving it to others below me to solve the problem but they never do solve the problem. I’ve done this before and it’s time to leave my crap excuses behind. Even if there are orcs on the loose, I have got to get out there. Leaving my comfort zone, I step out of my house, looking past the clouds. I see the flag waving at the Hellfire Club. It’s a signal, a warning sign to the people around. I grab my weapon and get on my horse and start heading North, to the Hellfire club to get some information first. Can’t fight a war if you don’t know what you’re fighting for.

On my way up, I see a bright orange light flaring up. I get up closer and I see villages being burned, lit on fire, people screaming and crying for help, not knowing what’s next. The problem. I get off my horse and start gathering people while at the same time getting information about the orcs. I gather the crowd away from the fire, using my abilities I lifted up big blobs of water from the river, rapidly spraying the water on the burning houses.  Waving my hands around as the water flows for the first time I didn’t feel useless and it felt good to do good. Tell the villagers to stay in their area and before leaving, one villager asked who I was, what was my name. I told them

“My name is Amy”

Rushing up to the Hellfire Club with my horse, I see the keeper at of the Club. She tells me to keep heading up North, to follow the River and head into Tallaght. There was a part of me that didn’t want to do this, it felt risky and I just didn’t want any part of this but I was determined to do my part. When I reached Tallaght, things were far worse than the previous place I went to. The orcs already got people locked up and communities were destroyed. A wave of guilt came washing over me. If only I had listened to the other lords and the people around me. If I knew how serious the orcs were, I would have come sooner or actually use my powers for good.

I found the city people hiding in the hospital and we started to talk, giving each other ideas. After weeks of fighting, planning, and negotiating, I decided to head back down to the mountains. I couldn’t let the people die while trying to protect the shores and coastline. That would only leave an open door for the orcs.

It felt good to be back in my area, and I felt more assured up there. Using my knowledge from the people, I used my abilities and power to manipulate water to protect the shores and mountains, but there were too many of them, I am burnt out by the tenth ship. I can’t do this alone.

Standing on the cold mountains, looking below I see those that I need to protect and those who I need to kill. I see a division between the orcs on the ocean and civilians on the coast. Clouds pass by as well as time.


The orcs had travelled in ships on the ocean. I quickly rushed into the town by the coastline. My presence reminded people of my existence. I guess that’s what happens when you stay low for a decade or so. I told the citizens to prepare for the orcs invasion, to prepare for a battle.

My aim here is to keep the coastline clear, that way there won’t be another entry for the orcs. The people have gathered themselves together, ready for battle, while I went back up to the mountains. It’s not long from the coast.

Stepping up the mountain I see twenty ships in a V formation. The ships full of orcs. The orcs were getting closer and their chanting voices got louder.

I had to think quick and creatively. I swooped into the sea, floating on the water. I clenched my fist together and punched into the water, creative a tsunami. I didn’t stop there though. The ships were still visible and orcs were drowning. I’ll end this quick. I froze the water leaving their heads unfrozen. I grabbed a good amount of water, creating a water tornado and I leaped out into the middle of the ice. About fifty orcs heads sticking out of ice and before the orcs could move any more, I moved in a circular motion with my hands, slicing their heads off.

More ships approached and action had to be done. I stomped my foot down, sinking to the bottom and split the sea in half horizontally. I pushed the other half of the sea back.