I was in the army base in South Dublin. My army and I were fueling up our planes and getting ready for the attack. I sat on my chair eating my last donut I will ever have, well I thought so.

Later that day I got a call from my Republican friends, Adam and cillian. They were asking for air support and some weapons too. I would give them what they were looking for in exchange that they would let my army fight with theirs against the Authority.

Adam and Cillian said they were launching the attack in 2 hours, so I had to act fast.

My team worked hard, fuelling up the planes and getting the ammunition in to the planes. I was very proud of my team.

It was time, I got in my plane and me and my team flew off. We were there – my life flashed before my eyes, people were getting shot, limbs were flying off and tanks were exploding.

I could see Adam’s and Cillian’s army attacking the front of the Authority’s base, so me and my team went straight through the middle and let out our bombs from our fighter jets.

Suddenly I was getting shot by an enemy plane. I knew who he was – General Alder. He has a horrible background. He captured over two thousand Republicans and put them in gas chambers, and they all died. I know it was him because he had a big scar on his face from a wolf, and a small moustache. Like something out of a horror movie.

I did a loop and then I was behind him. I shot my rocket at him and he blew up.

I called my team in to do a bomb sweep on the Authority’s base and when we dropped the bombs there was a big explosion. All the Authority’s army had been disintegrated. We had won.