“Here we go lads! This is the perfect spot.Everybody set up camp.”

Sergeant Philips, the owner of South Central Rebellion has set up camp in the Dublin mountains.


Bringggg Bringggg

“Sergeant, the phone’s ringing”

“Out of my way lads,”

“hello? Eh? Hi is this Sergeant Philips owner of South Central Rebellion?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“Mr Komerford”

“Ah, Mr Komerford. I haven’t seen you since school!”

“Yes, yes I know. Anyway I can supply you with a cargo plane and a B52 bomber,”

“Excellent! Any guns by any chance?”

“Well, we can only supply with five assault rifles and two snipers”

“We’ll take that thanks very much for your assistance.”

“Any time, any time.”

Sergeant Phillips made a quick announcement to camp,

“Listen up there a B52 and a cargo on the way, get some sleep and e’ll awake at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, everyone was in position.

“Sergeant! I see it coming West 240”

“In positions now lads”

The signal man was doing his bit to make the plane land but the B52 just kept on coming and flew over the base but the bottom of the B52 opened with flowers falling, the soldiers were so confused in what was happening but before they could come to a conclusion as to why there was flowers, the soldiers started dropping like flies.

“Everybody to cover now, for God’s sake!” Screamed Sergeant Phillips.

Mr Komerford drove in a bulletproof Fiesta up the mountains.


“Mr Komerford, what happened?”

“Our two pilots were thrown off the side of the coast of Ireland and they hijacked the planes, the Authority!”

“Oh crap,” said Sergeant Phillips.