It was a cold day in Clondalkin as the ice and snow raged on. I was accompanied by my friend Aaron. We were on top of one of the apartment blocks, sitting by a fire. We were covered head to toe in warm bulky clothes which protected us from the outside elements.

We sat opposite each other talking when some of the mages from the church surprised us. I always had a bad feeling about them. They told us it was illegal to start a fire on the rooftop and we had to go with them, but we weren’t going to go without a fight.

We gave each other a look and pretended to cooperate, then as soon as we had the chance, we bolted and the mages were not too far behind. We ran through the doors and down the stairwell. We split up and so did the two mages.  I ran into an empty apartment and hid behind the kitchen counters with a frying pan. I heard him come in and I hit him in the face. He was stunned only for a moment. Then, he took out a knife and pushed me down onto the table, holding it to my throat. He almost killed me but at the last second, Aaron came in and knocked him off me. He dropped the knife and we threw him out the window where he fell 11 stories to his death. I took the knife off the ground. Aaron and I quickly fled the scene and made our way further north to escape the church.

It didn’t take long for the church to find the bodies and figure out who we are. The church has eyes and ears everywhere. You don’t blink without them knowing about it.

We made our way towards Lucan as the churches influence is not as great there. We even heard rumours of the resistance. I found a small abandoned house on the outskirts of Lucan where we stayed and made camp. I went into town to scout the place but our names and faces were already everywhere. It was too dangerous.

I went back to the house and I see Aaron with a mage holding a knife to his throat. “Get on the ground” he says and I comply, dropping to my knees with my hands behind my back, itching to grab the knife in my pocket. He cuffs Aaron and comes to cuff me, but I grab the knife and jab him, but I miss. He kicks me in the head and I fall to the ground. I see him standing over me with a sadistic grin. He plunges the knife into my abdomen as I screech in pain. I slowly start to lose consciousness but before I do, I hear a gunshot and the mage falls to the ground. I see the resistance fighters behind him. He crouches down, speaking to me, but I can’t make out what he is saying and I black out.

I wake up 3 days laster in a hospital bed. I see the man who saved me enter and I ask him “Where are we?”. He chuckles and gives a response, “We’re in Red Bridge hideout. Welcome to the resistance.”

The resistance took us in a treated us like family. They told us about what the mages were doing. They stole children off the streets to extract their life for their own, so that they could live forever. They also took in certain children with potential and performed experiments on them to be able to perform magic.

Captain (Rese?) was one of the children who was experimented on but his powers weren’t strong enough so they tried to kill him. They shot him in the eye and left him dead out on the streets, but he used his powers to stop the bullet from entering his head. He was left with only one eye but he survived and joined the resistance and he is now the leader. He saved me that day when I was stabbed. He took me and Aaron back home to the Red Bridge hideout and (Dr. Jaegan?) healed our wounds.

Once me and Aaron healed, (Dr. Jaegan?) explained everything about the church. He also explained that their next plan was to use bodies of the children whose life force was taken as mindless soldiers  they could us to take over the world.

We don’t know much about it but Captain Rese talked about overhearing some mages talking about something called “Project Blackwing” and how they would use an artificial disease to create the soldiers.

Me and Aaron trained for five years and we became the best soldiers in the resistance. Our goal was to storm the lab where they were developing Project Blackwing to stop the church from taking over.
We discovered the location of the lab through spies and so we headed for the lab, armed and ready. Me and Aaron shot the guards at the facility and made our way in.

Aaron and I scouted the halls looking for where the virus was contained. We finally reached the room with the virus and broke down the door. The lead scientist was packing up vials of the disease. We aimed at him and told him to shut it down. He said “Long live the church” and broke the vial.


We shot him down with our rifles and he fell to the ground, but it was too late. He infected himself. He stood back up and we continued shooting, but it had no effect. The scientist was moving slowly at first but then, with superhuman speed, he sprung onto Aaron and bit him on the neck.

Aaron had been infected. I ran away (and called Aaron) on the phone. I told him what happened and he ordered and evacuation. All of the soldiers ran out and the lab was blown to bits by an airstrike, along with my friend. We couldn’t risk the disease reaching anyone else, so we had to get rid of it for good.

I lost a good friend that day but he also helped to save the world. He died a hero and I will never forget him.