It’s been 28 days since the beginning of the apocalypse it wasn’t a zombie apocalypse but I’ll explain that later so the weeks leading up to this were warning us that something was coming me and my friends all saw the same thing in the mirror a tall man in a black suit with no mouth or nose standing behind us I was the first I was at the sink when I saw something in the mirror standing behind me so I reached for deodorant because I figured I had a chance of overpowering him if he wasn’t able to see so I turned and sprayed. But he wasn’t there. I turned back. He was there. He grabbed my face. I dropped my deodorant. He said, in a voice that will haunt me until the day I die “they’re coming, no one will live, no one will be spared.”

Then I woke up in my bed. I breathed a sigh of relief and got up. However, I walked in the door of the bathroom and it smelled like deodorant and my bottle was on the floor. 

I told my friends about this and needless to say they did not believe me until it happens again but this time it happened to them. It happened to them one day each but on the last day it said “there is only one way to stop them you must go to the place where you encountered your worst fear and the first person to conquer their fear will receive the cure and all mighty power while the rest will die an excruciating slow death if you do nothing for every day you don’t you will lose a part of your mind.” 

So I did 30 days later I went to face my demons after all my friends died and save everyone from what that thing had planned. So I walked in it was horrible Dolls everywhere there eyes following me wherever i go when a hatch opened and chucky the killer doll stepped out holding a knife so I picked up a doll then yanked him then he stabbed me in the leg the adrenaline carried me through I yanked the knife out and stabbed him through the face he stumbled around for a while before falling. It was over.